Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Patient Testimonials

I am THRILLED to finally have found a doctor that wants to help fix all of me. I have suffered from many issues these last few years, but I only was going to see Dr. Moody for weight loss however after my first initial visit exam and question I had answered he said you have a lot of stuff going on, let’s get you ALL feeling better not just the weight issues. He and his assistant Nicky are very through and you can address all your issues and if he can’t help he’ll find someone that can. I finally have hope and feel like i have a doctor that really wants me to be 100% happy and healthy and not like I’m wasting my time. -Misty Johanson Newbold

Biorestoration is a place like no other! Not only a clinic to care for the body, this clinic’s providers listen… 
-Richelle Gaiter

If you are having a hard time finding the energy to get through your day or you just cant get motivated to exercise, You need to call this clinic. I cant begin to tell you what they have done for me. I am now more focused at work. I have been able to get rid of the extra pounds that have been haunting me forever because I now have the energy to work out. I am able to do more with my kids instead of just coming home and falling asleep on the couch. Thanks Biorestoration for all you have done for me. -Robert

Friendly staff. Very nice office. Dr Moody and his PA took time to explain to me my diagnosis. Gave me hope! 
-Annette Bandera

Dr Moody is amazing and helped me get my life back! -David Kyle

I just wanted to thank you so much for doing my hip injection. You were so kind to me and so patient with how scared I was. The injection has definitely improved my pain level. It was a vast improvement the first month even though I was doing a lot of physical work. You are not only an amazing doctor, but a very kind and generous person. 
-Abigail Gil

Thank you for giving me back my whole strength and helping me feel well again. I have felt so good taking the new pills plus using the right ashma pump. I have lots of energy too. I’m feeling great! Thanks to you! -Abby Manuela

Thank you so much for the supplements you have given me. “Deep Sleep” and I truely believe it’s helped me considerable in getting back to sleep while taking the edge off the many layers of life that were beginning to overwhelm me. You have always been extremely generous. -Jan